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Check here for the most often asked questions

questions ABOUt superior stock

Q: Is your company a joint stock company (selling shares)?

A: Not yet. We are currently focusing on expanding our product lines, but we plan to tackle that project in the near future.

Q: Why should I buy a product from you over other sites like Amazon?

A: There are lots of advantages, but here are the main points. To start, you will get quality help with such products, for we are the ones who both make the items and sell them. Thus, we know a lot more about the situation. Secondly, we specialize in home interior, so you won't get confused with someone who needs some headphones. Lastly, we strive to offer better prices, which we are succeeding in so far.

Q: Does your company give out any promotional offers?

A: Yes, we give out discounts once in while for a multiple of reasons. Just make sure to be on the lookout!


Q: How often do new products come out?

A: We aim to release a new batch every three to four months. As of now, a batch will consist of around 5-10 new products, but this will go up as we grow bigger.

Q: If I have an issue with my product, how do I contact you about it?

A: We will resolve all customer needs and suggestions through our "Contact Us" tab. Once you fill out a response, we will send a personal email back to you as soon as possible.


Q: Does Superior Stock accept returns?

A: Yes, we do accept any return if it has been 3 months or less since your purchase. However, depending on the situation, we may accept later returns. For more information, head to our terms and conditions page and scroll to the Returns and Refunds section.

Q: How is the shipping price calculated?

A: If the product you are ordering has the ability to ship via first class mail, you will get charged a flat fee no matter where you live. This is because the packaging and stamp will cost the same anywhere. However, if your product is too big to use first class mail, you will get charged a shipping cost determined by where you are located. This will be the standard rate for priority mail.

Q: Why am I not getting taxed on any order?

A: State tax is only collected by us if you live in the state of Florida. This is due to the "Nexus law". This law states that because we do not conduct any physical business operations there, we are not required to collect state tax for the select states. Therefore, you will not get taxed determining where you live.